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The Boston Massacre Trial Jury

Interestingly enough, the jury assembled in the Boston Massacre trial did not have a single person from Boston. This was done on purpose as a measure to ensure a fair trial of the British. The trial was also delayed by several months to let the emotions cool down after the shooting. Both British authorities and the patriots were interested in fair proceedings, and basically for the same reason. The British were concerned that if the public would decide that the perpetrators were left off the hook, such situation could drive public towards the independence radicals. The patriots were also trying to avoid the situation that unfair conviction could negatively resonate among moderates and increase support for the British side. They were also afraid of a possible retaliation.

Below is the list of people who were entrusted with the difficult task to keep the situation in Boston under control.

Jury Members:

Joseph Mayo, Roxbury, Foreman

Nathaniel Davis, Roxbury

Edward Pierce, Dorchester

Abraham Wheeler, Dorchester

Isaiah Thayer, Braintree

Benjamin Fisher, Dedham

Samuel Davenport, Milton

Joseph Houghton, Milton

Consider Atherton, Stoughton

Jacob Cushing, Jr., Hingham

Josiah Lane, Hingham

Jonathan Burr, Hingham

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